BGDA Summer League 2014 Results
Monday Night Tuesday Night Wednesday Night
1st  Cap'n Stabbin' and Crew     1st Not Losing Gracefully   1st Seriously Disturbed  
2nd  The Bulls         2nd Return of the Dedi   2nd Respect-Da-Bull    
3rd  FU Darts         3rd Kwitcha Bitchin'   3rd It's All Andy's Fault  
High In: 160 (Shannon Shuck/Otto Hoffman)   High In: 160 (Jason Hager)   High In 170: (Jesse Stinnett/Zach Powell)
High Out: 118 (Josh Franklin)       High Out: 126 (Jason Hager)   High Out 126: (Ben Minks)  
Pat Keys Winner: (Mitch Payton)       Pat Keys Winner: (Ben Minks)   Pat Keys Winner:  (David Dunning)  
John Mondelli Winners: (Mitch Payton & Larry Baber)   John Mondelli Winner: (Ben Minks)   John Mondelli Winners:   David Dunning
                              Ben Minks
                              Mitch Payton
Tons & Such Season Totals:                       Zack Powell
180's:  45 9 Counts: 29   From the BGDA Board:                
171's:  4 Deadeye's:  1                          
          THANK YOU to all Members who participated in our fun and competitive Summer Season !!